Instant Pot Low Carb Salsa Chicken

What I’ve found on this way of eating is if I don’t plan, I don’t succeed and fall off the wagon… hard. So I’ve started to really focus on that on a daily and weekly basis. That means meal planning and inputting all of the food I’ve planned to eat each day in My Fitness Pal.

So last week as I was meal planning, I targeted a few new recipes to try out to help not only keep me on track with dinner, but leave leftovers for lunches during the week as well. And this instant pot low carb salsa chicken was perfect for just that.

The first time I made it was for dinner and I served it over broccoli (because I love broccoli) but for lunches I served over a bed of romaine and a dollop of sour cream with a sprinkle of cheese. And if I had the wiggle room, I added a tablespoon of salsa to the top too. So good! Also? I’m now down a total of 9.2 pounds in 2 weeks. And feeling great.


What meal can you eat over and over again?

I’ll be sharing my weekly macros each week to help keep me accountable. Take a look at my numbers and maybe it’ll help give you an idea of how much I’m eating and how I’m hitting my macro target daily.

Macros for 1/3-1/9

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